Friday, 25 January 2013

Why Losing Weight Fast Is Bad for You

I’ve noticed many people recently being happy that they are losing 3lbs+ on a regular basis. While every once in a while it will not do too much harm, losing that amount of weight on a regular basis is bad for you. It is better to lose between 1lb and 2lb per week. But why is that the case? Why is losing weight fast bad for you?

You Won’t Change Your Habits When Losing Weight Fast

The downside of losing weight quickly is that you fail to change your normal eating habits; you simply make a couple of changes for the short term. While you may lose weight, it is harder to stick to and you will find that you gain it back just as quickly, if not gain more weight! You need to make changes to your diet to lose weight successfully and keep it off. Yo-yo dieting is bad for you since you never completely reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and other risks of obesity.

Cut Out Important Nutrients with Fad Diets

Crash diets lead you to losing out on nutrients. Your body needs carbs and fat just as much as protein and fibre; it is all about choosing the healthier options of the lot. Diets that cut out a certain food group for a short space of time will lead to deficiencies in nutrients that come from those food groups, including vitamin A, vitamin C and Zinc.

You Lose Muscle Not Fat

When losing weight quickly, you end up burning muscle instead of fat. This isn’t the way that you want to lose weight since it doesn’t actually tackle your overweight issue. Losing weight slowly means that you burn the fat away and continue to build the muscle, so you live healthier afterwards. Even if you do exercise with your weight loss, you will still burn muscle by losing weight fast as your body prefers it over fat.

Your Metabolism Will Slow Down

Whether you starve your body of food or do too much exercise, by losing weight quickly, you risk your metabolism slowing down. Your body goes into starvation mode to keep the energy that it needs for the future. It is hard to improve the metabolism once you allow it to slow down.

Look after yourself. Losing weight quickly is not important – losing weight slowly is better for your health. You may think that you want to look good and fit into those size 8 jeans but do you really want to risk your own health and the fact that you will find it harder to keep the weight off? Change your habits and allow yourself to lose weight healthily. 1lb-2lb per week is an excellent amount. More than that every now and again isn’t too bad – I’ve lost more than that the odd week or two – but you should find that you average out at 1lb-2lb per week.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Week 13

Week 13 of losing weight and I'm almost a stone and a half lighter! I lost 1/2lb today and I'm happy with that.

Got My 10%

By losing that 1/2lb I gained my 10% award from Weight Watchers. Like losing 5% of your starting body weight, losing 10% offers a number of health benefits including the lower risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and heart attack. It's a goal that I have reached before with Weight Watchers but for one reason or another stopped going to meetings (the last time because I was pregnant with my daughter).

But Only 1/2lb?

Many people look at the scales and are disappointed when they only lose 1/2lb. I'm sometimes disappointed but it's important to remember that it is coming off - at least I didn't gain 1/2lb! I did have a bad week this week and blew my propoints allowance by the weekend. Usually I wouldn't make up excuses and just draw a line under it but in my defence, the heating went and we relied on takeaways to survive the weekend to avoid having to move around the freezing cold house. Everything is now back up and running so no excuse this week.

Back to Tracking and a New Weight Loss Goal

I had to set a new goal today since my 10% was the current one. While I'm 1/2lb off losing a stone and a half, I know that I can reach that next week (all going to plan!). I'm making my next goal to reach my 2 stone mark, which is 12 stone 4.5lbs and means I have to lose 7.5lbs to reach it. I'm aiming for this in  five weeks - based on that I can lose up to 2lb a week but there's bound to be a slip up along the way (just being realistic).

How has your weight loss gone this week? Have you struggled with anything along the way?

Good luck and keep tracking!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Weekly Weight Loss

I lost 2.5lbs this week - that's my Christmas weight plus more off! I'm 1/2lb away from my 10% target and 1lb away from losing 1.5 stone! Next week will hopefully be my big weight loss week - I can only hope.

What I Did This Week

Well, I'm back on track this week. I made sure that I wrote everything down that I ate and was sensible with my snacking. We did receive a box of shortbread biscuits from some friends as a late Christmas present but I've been really good at only having one per day - usually with my morning coffee break. I know that if I tell myself I'm not allowed something, then I'll just want it even more.

What Will I Do Next Week?

Next week is more tracking and more activity. I really want to get at least that 1/2lb but would prefer the full pound. All I can do is keep going the way I have been - it seems to be working well!

I started wondering this week why it has been so much easier for me to lose weight this time, when I've tried Weight Watchers three times in the past and never lost so much weight - the first time I did almost get to my goal weight but it was a struggle to get there and the second time I just seemed to keep fluctuating. The third time I found out that I was pregnant, which is why I was putting weight on each week!

I've decided that this time it is because I really want to get to my goal weight. I have a husband who is supporting me every step of the way and I like the way that I have changed over the last three and a half months. That desire is really pushing me to eat well and stay on track every week - and pushed me to do as well as possible over Christmas.

How are you doing with your weight loss? Are you struggling or finding it really easy? Whether you are on Weight Watchers, Slimming World or another dieting program, I want to hear from you! Good luck!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

First Weigh-in After Christmas

As I said, I wasn't going to be posting any weigh-ins for me over Christmas and New Year. I was away for a week and then there were no Weight Watchers meetings for two weeks. This week was my first week back and my weigh in day has now changed to a Wednesday, due to a meeting change.

Over the three weeks, I've gained weight - but only 1/2lb.

I expected to gain weight and a lot more than I did, so I'm really happy. I only know of one person who lost weight over Christmas and the majority of people gained 5-7lbs. It is true that dieting is so much harder without the support of the weekly meetings - at least, I find it harder. I've often considered looking into other plans, like Jenny Craig and Diet Chef but I wouldn't be able to handle the lack of support that Weight Watchers offers.

What Am I Going to Do?

It's time to get back on track. While I didn't completely lose track over Christmas, I was lax with my tracking. I didn't write down everything I ate and I tried guessing the values of a lot. I know I overate Christmas week, especially when it came to the turkey, my homemade stuffing and the cheese!

Everything is gone now - either thrown out or eaten. There are just a couple of mince pies left, which I'm not too bad with, a mini ice cream and some alcohol. It will be much easier to avoid any temptation.

How did you do with your Christmas weight loss? Did you have a gain that you weren't expecting or were you lucky enough to stay the same?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Simple Steps to Lose Weight this New Year

Lose Weight this New Year. Image by Porto Bay Hotels & Resort Events

Do you want this New Year to be the one where you lose weight? You can do it! Stop thinking about it as one long journey as it will stop you from losing weight. Take it one step at a time with these easy simple ones. You will soon find that you look and feel the best you have in years!

Make Small Changes

Only make small changes on a regular basis. For example, one week work on cutting out high fat foods and eating the healthy stuff; the next week, start walking more or doing extra activity. If you make small changes, you are less likely to notice it, which means that you stick to it longer. The small changes become a habit and soon you will do them all without even thinking about it. Shocking your system into one big change will lead to you resenting yourself for it and you won’t lose weight this New Year.

Drink More Liquids

Whether it is water, tea or squash, you need to drink more! Your body needs more water than food but will give you hunger signs when really all you want is a drink. Before you snack, have a pint of water or a cup of coffee to see whether that is all you needed. If you take the drink with you into another room, you will also more likely avoid the snacks as it will mean moving again to get something – and humans are lazy by nature!

Park Away from Work – or Walk!

When driving to work, park in a bay that is further away from the door. Yes, this means that you could get wet in the winter but it will mean that you move around more. Take the stairs instead of the lift when you are inside the building. If you can, why not walk to work? It may take you longer but you will feel better throughout the week and more alert during the day as you gain the fresh air.

Simple changes will help you lose weight this year. Make small changes at first and make news one on a regular basis. They soon become habit and you will lose weight quickly and keep it off!