Sunday, 31 March 2013

How to Deal with Kind Weight Loss Saboteurs

When you’re trying to lose weight, you expect the people around you to support you. The problem is that there are many saboteurs in your life. Some won’t think they’re doing any harm while others may do it intentionally.

Who are your weight loss saboteurs? They may be closer than you think.

They may be your parents, your friends, or even your spouse.

I hate to say it but one of mine is my husband (and he’ll hate me for thinking this way at times!). He knows I’m trying to lose weight but will come home with Easter eggs, chocolate and bottles of fizzy pop, thinking he’s treating me.

I hate saying no to him but sometimes it has to be done.

But, how do you say no to these people, without hurting their feelings? Yes, you really can say no!

I Just Need a Small Treat

I’ve started accepting treats but opting for the smaller ones. Instead of a full cheesecake that I’ll have to cut up and work out the propoints for, I ask for just the small individual pieces. They’re often much better anyway since I don’t feel sick after eating too much.

You can treat yourself on a healthy diet – in fact, you should treat yourself now and then. Portion control and eating in moderation will help with your weight loss efforts since you won’t be tempted to go off your plan. After all, how many times have you said no and then just constantly wanted that one thing?

Let’s Go for a Walk First

If I know I’m going to have a big treat then I’ll try and get some exercise in to counter the problem. I like to spend time with my husband so will suggest ways to get exercise and spend some time with him at the same time.

This is even better now with the baby since pushing the buggy means more exercise!

Ask for Something Else

A treat doesn’t have to be food. If someone wants to give you something, maybe as a congratulations for getting to your goal weight or as a way to say thank you, ask them for something other than food. How about a small bunch of flowers or a new pair of shoes?

Something a friend of mine does is ask for the money that would have been spent on the treat. This is then put in a small piggy bank and she uses it towards a spa day at the end of the year. It’s her favourite day of the year and a great way to unwind!

Don’t Cut It All Out

I’ve already said – when you say no, you just want it more and more, right? So don’t cut it out completely!

One of the biggest saboteurs is actually you. You think you can’t have a treat on your diet or you don’t eat before you go shopping! You end up eating everything in sight because you’ve forced yourself to crave it more!

So, the next time you’re faced with a saboteur, remember there’s nothing wrong with saying no. Just find a polite way to say no and find an alternative.

Many of your weight loss saboteurs don’t realise they’re making it hard for you so give them a break. We’ll look at those who are trying to hinder your weight loss habits unintentionally in a later post.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Weekly Weigh Loss: Week 22

So, I wanted to get this in before I forget this week!

This week I lost 2.5lb! I reached my 2 stone GOAL! Woohoo!!!

I honestly thought I was going to put weight on this week. I felt fat and bloated and had resigned myself to seeing a gain at the scales. I'm sure you can guess the surprise but joy when I saw the figures.

What Did I Do?

This week I tracked and tracked. I knew that I hadn't gone over my propoints allowance but I hadn't done as much activity as I wanted to do. I just felt like I'd overeaten and been really lazy and didn't believe anything my tracker was telling me.

What Will I Do Next Week?

I'm going to stick to what I did this week although I want to do more activity; I just wish work and studying would let me. I'm looking into getting my daughter into swimming lessons (although waiting for the weather to warm up a little!). It looks like I can do one day a week with her in the pool, which is perfect for getting her used to the water before she goes to the beach in the summer. It won't get me doing much but it's at least a little more than normal.

I'm also going to focus on moving more around the house. Instead of waiting to finish a section of articles, I'm going to take a break every half an hour (like I should!) and go downstairs for a drink. I'll also do more with my daughter. It will not just help my weight loss but my health away from the computer!

How has your weight loss been going? Has anyone else reached any goals yet? Maybe you're struggling with the saboteurs in your life. Look out for my post on Friday about this...

Friday, 22 March 2013

Weekly Weight Loss 19, 20 and 21

Has it really been three weeks since I've updated this? Sorry!

Week 19 I lost 1lb
Week 20 I lost 1 1/2 lb - as was 1/2 lb off the 2st mark.
Week 21 I gained a pound.

I was doing so well until last week.

What Did I Do?

I admit that I went well over my points allowance last week. It's no excuse but I was at my daughter's christening, where we had a buffet and I ate without really thinking. It was worth that pound though and I was expecting much worse so I'm not too disappointed.

I was more disappointed the week before when I was just 1/2lb away from my 2st target. Every milestone I have, I'm usually 1/2lb away. Never mind; hopefully I'll get it next week.

What Will I Do This Week?

Update this for a start! But other than that, I've been tracking and will continue that for the rest of the week. I know I've been good - good enough for a takeaway treat tonight.

I'm also going to go back to updating this blog once a week with a post. I've created a blogging calendar up to June to make sure that I update something each week. You'll have regular posts to help with losing weight instead of just my weekly weight loss posts - that don't always happen!

How is your weight loss going? Are you worried about Easter? Check out my latest post on dealing with weight loss over Easter. Good luck!

How to Deal with Weight Loss Over Easter

Don't let Easter spoil your weight loss. Image by Sue Waters

Easter is a time full of chocolate and treats that it makes weight loss difficult. The good news is that it doesn’t have to ruin your weight loss journey. I’m planning on losing weight loss over Easter and so can you with these simple tips.

Plan Ahead to Treat Yourself

Allow yourself some treats but plan ahead. This could be sparing some calories to enjoy the treats or saving your weekly propoints for Easter eggs (depending on the plan that you follow). I rarely blow my weekly propoints (I’m on Weight Watchers), so I make sure there are enough to eat easters eggs.

The best way of planning ahead is to break the chocolate up into small, manageable chunks and then store them in separate containers. It will be less tempting to eat the whole amount so you don’t blow your weight loss.

Melt the Chocolate Down

Something I plan to do this year is melt the chocolate down and use it in cakes. There’s a bake-sale that my husband is involved in so I’m going to make some rice crispy cakes for that so I’m less likely to eat all the chocolate. I know others who are going to melt down their chocolate too instead of trying to say no to tons of people.

Identify Your Saboteurs

Next week I’m going to write about saboteurs and how to stop them slowing down your weight loss but this week you need to identify them. Work out who is more likely to throw you off track – even if they don’t realise they’re doing it. It’s most likely the people close to you, such as your partner, your children or your parents. They are more likely to push you off track during holiday seasons like Easter because they want to give you gifts. Ask them to get you the smaller Easter eggs or something that will last and help you lose weight over Easter.

Don’t Say No to Yourself!

The worst thing you can do is tell yourself that you’re not allowed any chocolate. I’ve found the more I say no, the more I want something. It becomes something that I constantly crave for until I finally give in and then I blow my propoints allowance. Instead of saying no, learn to treat yourself in moderation. It becomes a treat and you are more likely to stay on track.

Exercise to Work It Off

If you do go over, it’s not the end of the world! Exercise is a great way to pull back the amount you go over by and get back on track for losing weight this Easter. Enjoy a game with the kids – probably a snowball fight in the UK! – or put on a dance DVD and workout in the house. There are plenty of options available so no excuse!

Easter doesn’t have to completely throw you off track. With a few simply steps you could still lose weight and eat your chocolate. Just know where your downfall is and how to moderate your Easter egg intake. If you do go over, exercise to make up for it.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Week 18

This week I lost 1/2lb. Not as much as I wanted but still better than nothing.

Where I Went Wrong

I'm not sure what I did wrong this week. I tracked everything and knew that I had stayed within my pro-points allowance. I opted for as much healthy and filling food as possible and earned activity pro-points.

I've put it down to just being one of those weeks. At least I lost weight, which is better than staying the same or gaining. I'm still on the right track.

I did speak to my Weight Watchers leader after the meeting to find out what she thinks. She put it down to an off week; maybe I hadn't actually eaten enough. She agreed, though, that at least is was a weight loss. She did comment on how she knows I'll see a loss at the scales every week because I am so determined to lose the weight and get to my final goal - whatever that is (still not been decided).

What Will I Do This Week?

So, usually I state what I'll do differently but the truth is, I'm not sure. I just don't know why I didn't lose as much as I hoped. All I can do is keep tracking and eating healthy and filling foods.

The one thing that I have changed this week is lunchtime. I cut up all the salad vegetables on Monday night and made a large bowl of salad. It makes it easy for me to just grab and pour into a bowl every lunchtime. It's filling - I usually don't need anything until tea time - and I can throw in tuna, smoked salmon, ham or chicken on top of that to add the extra protein. We'll see how it goes at the scales this week.

I don't think I'm going to reach my target of losing 2 stone of my starting weight by my birthday. I have 2.5lbs to go but my birthday is a week today so only one weigh-in next week. Oh well, I'm very close to getting there and maybe I'll do it the week afterwards.