Saturday, 29 June 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Weeks 34 and 35

Despite being on holiday, I lost a pound over the last two weeks. I have decided to move these posts onto Bubblews and you can read all about my weekly weight loss here:

Check it out and let me know how you did over the last two weeks. While I'll write the majority of my post there, I will keep adding a link here once it is up so you can all read and follow.

Diet Is More Than Eating the Right Things! Eat the Right Amount!

Is this the right amount of salmon for you?

When trying to lose weight, you need to eat the right amount of food. You can eat too much but you can also eat too little!

It takes time to find a balance at first, even when on a healthy eating plan like Weight Watchers, and you need to make changes as you lose weight. So, how do you know what the right amount of food is for you? How much can you really eat when trying to lose weight?

Don’t Lower Your Calories Too Much

If you’ve come here, you’re looking for ways to lose weight and keep it off. That means a slow and healthy weight loss. If you lose weight too quickly, you’ll find that keeping it off afterwards is going to be difficult.

That means you need to decrease the amount of calories you eat but not by too much. The aim is to lose between one and two pounds per week, which is only 500 calories! It’s not that much when you think about it!

At the same time, focus on a healthy and balanced diet. On the Weight Watchers plan I am allowed to eat 27 pro points per day and 49 per week but they are not just used on chocolate, crisps and other high fat options. They are for the proteins, carbohydrates and fibre that I also need to eat.

Eating to Feel Satisfied

The best thing to do when determining your portion sizes is to eat until you are satisfied. That doesn’t mean full though!

You want to feel like there could be enough room for dessert but you don’t need to eat it. If you don’t eat enough, you will only end up wishing you could have more and it will affect your motivation.

Satisfaction is essential but you will still need to watch the type of food you eat. Fill up on the vegetables or fruit that you have on your plate and drink a glass of water before eating. You will soon find that you don’t need to eat all that food you have done in the past.

The Importance of Eating the Right Amount to Lose Weight

Remember when I said you can eat too little?

You may think that I’m crazy for saying that but I can say that it is true – and I have tested this. If I don’t eat enough during the week, I don’t lose as much weight as I do when I eat my full pro points allowance.

When you eat too little, your body doesn’t know when you will get food again. It goes into starvation mode as a way to have enough energy. Your metabolism slows down so you feel like you don’t need as much food. It holds onto as many calories as possible in case it needs to use them in the future.

Do it for long enough and eventually you do lose weight. Crash dieting does lead to losing 20 or 30 pounds per month but that isn’t healthy!

When it comes to going back to eating normally, you just put all the weight back on. Eating so little just isn’t sustainable and you can’t keep the weight off.

So, the lesson for this week is to keep track of your portions and make sure you eat the right amount. It takes some trial and error. Try eating a little more and see how your weight loss goes for a week – you may be pleasantly surprised. If you are still putting on weight because you are eating too much, reduce your portion sizes slowly to help find that perfect amount.

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Who’s Your Weight Loss Support?

Have support to help your weight loss

Everyone needs support when they’re losing weight. It could be a close friend who’s doing the journey with you or your partner who’s there for the ups and downs.

Whoever it is, make sure you have someone. You simply can’t lose weight and keep it off without that success. Think I’m lying? Here are just some of the ways that having weight loss support has helped me.

Keeping Me on Track

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is staying on track. It can be a long journey and there is a lot of temptation around. You may have someone offering you sweets at work or your friend may want to meet for coffee.

Having someone to support you will give you someone to turn to. I have the number of my Weight Watchers leader and text her if it gets tough. It could be “what’s the best Chinese dish” or it could be about how bad the day has been and I need a kick to get me back on track.

If I didn’t have this support, I wouldn’t be where I am now!

Offering a Shoulder to Cry On

There have been weeks that I’ve gained weight or not done as well as I thought I would have. With the support, I’ve had someone to cry to about it – or help me work out where I went wrong if I wasn’t too sure.

This is really important. If you don’t do well one week, it becomes easy to throw in the towel and go back to eating the way you used to. By having someone to lean on, they can help you get back on track and not completely destroy all the hard work that you have done.

Someone to Celebrate With

Like commiserating, you need to celebrate when you do well. This doesn’t have to be with food! You can go out shopping or take a trip out somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go.

By having the support, you have someone to celebrate with when you do lose weight. This is really important since it means someone knows just how well you are doing. I have my husband who always asks me how I’ve done when I get back from weigh-ins and celebrates, even if I’ve just lost half a pound.

Someone to Keep You Motivated

It’s really easy to lose your motivation. You may have had a bad week. You may struggle with temptation. You may just be so tired that you want to rely on the bad food.

Whatever the reason, having support will help you stay motivated. Someone will be able to remind you why you’re doing it – the body that you want to get to or the one that you’re staying away from. The support will help you find other benefits, even if you have done bad or you’re too tired for something.

Having the support makes it harder to just give in or give up. It helps fuel that motivation, even if it is just to go to the gym.

There are different people you can rely on as your weight loss support. I have my Weight Watchers leader and my husband. A few years ago, I had a friend that I went to the classes with but we’ve both moved on now.

Having support is essential to succeed.

Who supports you when you're on your weight loss journey? If you’re lacking support, you can always send me a message and I’ll be happy to help! Good luck!

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Week 33

This week I lost a pound!

I actually thought I'd only lost 1/2lb but realised that after jumping on the scales, my iPhone was in my pocket -- yes the iPhone weighs 1/2lb!

I simply tracked everything I ate and did more activity this week. Weight Watchers really does work as long as you stick to it.

I'm still tracking now and we have a delicious prawn salad this evening. The next week or two are going to be hard. I'm going away tomorrow (there won't be my usually Fitness Friday post) and won't be back until next Friday. Going away is always hard for my weight loss so we will see.

How are you doing? Hope you're seeing the results that you want!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Week 32

This week I...

Gained half a pound.

I'm disappointed but I'm not completely surprised. I've found it so hard lately to stick to my pro points allowance! I constantly feel hungry and I think that has something to do with the raspberry ketones.

I think I would have been alright until we went to the in-laws for the weekend. While I did walk around lots (I earned 5 activity pro points in one day, which is more than normal), I ate too much food. We had a takeaway on the Friday night and then a BBQ on the Saturday and I didn't track properly until afterwards.

Never mind. This week I'm back on track. I've already used up my weekly pro point allowance but that's fine. I'll just have to be good from now until Tuesday. It's possible!

I'm earning a few activity pro points. The sun is shining and I'm getting out with Kathryn as much as possible.

I would like to hit my next half pound milestone by the end of the month. I have 6lbs to go and then I will have lost an amazing 3 stone!

How is your weight loss going? Please do get in touch and share your journey with other.

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Creating Quick Ways to Weigh Your Food

Get your portion sizes right to lose weight

Portion control is essential when on a diet. Most people gain weight not because of what they eat but the amount of the stuff they eat.

Yes, you can put weight on even if you eat healthy!

Weighing your food as you cook is important if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Oh, but it’s so time consuming, right? You just want to throw it all in the pan and just be done with it!

Well, now there’s a quicker way of weighing out your food and getting the portions write – creating a cheat sheet!

I have a cheat sheet up in my cupboard and it’s based on an average potion. I also use items that you can find around the home to help me. Here’s a few that will help you…

A Portion of Cheese = a Matchbox

40g of cheese is the equivalent to a normal sized matchbox. That’s not actually that small when you think about it either!

Instead of getting the scales out for every time you cut a slice of cheese, pull out a matchbox to measure the size. I now have that drawn on a sheet of paper so I can quickly hold the cheese up and measure it!

A Chicken Breast = a Computer Mouse

An average sized chicken breast is the size of your computer mouse (the normal size, not those mini ones!).

This is before being cooked so it will shrink afterwards but not by too much. I’ve found that this is the perfect amount, especially when I fill half the plate up with veggies. You can add some salad dressing and other yummy treats to go with the salad and chicken (or whatever you have with the meat) as long as it’s in moderation.

A Portion of Spaghetti = a 5p Coin

This might be slightly harder for my readers in the States or outside of the UK – I think a 5p is about the size of a cent (but you will need to double check that).

Anyway, a good sized portion of spaghetti is the size of a 5p coin – when you group the spaghetti together and stand it on its end! In fact, I’ve found that I can enjoy much less than this, which is great for the diet. Remember that spaghetti and pasta expand in the water so you actually get more than you think at first.

A Potato = Your Fist

Make a fist. That is the size of one medium potato. This is the perfect size for jacket potatoes and is also great for mashed and boiled.

When making jacket potato, it is usually worse than making boiled or mashed (so you can get away with having it slightly bigger for the latter two. The jacket potato loses all its water and shrinks in the oven (or microwave, however you cook it).

There’s just four cheats to weighing your food and there are many more. I love these methods since they’re quick, easy and make sure I get the right portion sizes. Take control of your diet and get the bikini body you’ve always wanted!

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