Friday, 27 September 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Week 48

I lost another pound this week, taking me another pound closer to my weight loss goal. 9 pounds to go now and there's 13 weeks left to Christmas!

My week was full of ups and downs and I've shared them all here in this post:

This week I'm tracking religiously. I've already gone into my weekly points and trying really hard not to use them all up right at the start of the week but we gave into a Chinese on Wednesday night.
How is your weight loss going? I'd love to hear from you about whether you're on track for your weight loss goal or not.

Eat Breakfast to Help Your Weight Loss

Make breakfast a natural part of your day

When it comes to weight loss, eating more is better than eating less. Well, you still need a calorie deficit but you don’t want to create too much of one.

It’s true that you really do need to eat and breakfast is your most important meal of the day.

Why is it so important? According to a survey for Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2013, those who ate breakfast were slimmer than those who skipped it. The survey found that 78% of those who were successful at weight loss ate breakfast on a daily basis.

Here are some top tips to make breakfast a regular part of your day to help your weight loss.

Plan It Ahead

Don’t wait until the morning to decide what you’re going to eat. Plan it the night before (or even during the day) and make sure you have everything you need in the house.

You’re not going to go out especially for a certain food for your breakfast, especially when you’re rushing around for work.

Keep all the healthy options in easy reach so the ones that are worse for your weight loss are farther back in the cupboards. You’ll see the healthier options first and are more likely to reach for the,.

Eat Breakfast on the Go

We don’t always have time to eat breakfast. I’m lucky that I work from home but my husband often has to take his breakfast with him to eat on the train.

There’s no problem with having breakfast on the go and it can be quite good for you. Focus on the things that are easy to take and eat and will give you the energy for the day.

A healthy cereal bar, fruit or a yogurt with granola are great options to eat on the go.

Have Your Go-To Breakfasts

There are certain things everyone likes on a morning. It could be a banana on your porridge or a special mix of crushed cereal, fruit and yogurt.

Having a “go-to” breakfast is really good but make sure you have the ingredients! These types of breakfasts are quick and easy to make.

Still mix everything up a little, though. You don’t want to get bored of your quick options.

Create a Routine to Fit Breakfast In to Help Your Weight Loss

Routines are important. When a routine becomes habit, you automatically start doing it without realising.

Creating your own routine. It can take about six weeks to get used to so do it on a daily basis until it does become a natural habit.

This could be planning the night before, getting up a little earlier or making sure your cupboards are set up in a good way to make breakfast easy.

You will soon set your routine and forget all about it—it all just comes naturally.

So, make breakfast work for you. Use it to help your weight loss and you’ll soon see the loss at the scales.

What do you do to make sure you eat breakfast every day? Share your tips for others below.

Image credit: Chris Radcliff @ Flickr

Friday, 20 September 2013

The TV Causes You to Gain Weight

Is the TV the reason for your weight gain?

The TV causes your weight gain—well, your lack of weight loss success. Yes, really!

Well, it isn’t the only reason for this but it is a major factor. It is a distraction and actually impedes on your family time so you become more unsociable together. If you’re not too sure about this, then consider the following:

You Don’t Talk Between Bites

When you watch TV, you don’t talk between your bites. You eat quicker and this often leads you to eating more so the TV is causing your weight gain.

If you turn the TV off and chat to the other people in the room, you will find that you eat slower and could end up eating less. You’ll give your body the time to digest everything since you need to slow down so you can speak between mouthfuls.

The TV acts as a distraction. Instead of talking, you’re focusing on the screen. You won’t even realise just how many times the fork is going to your mouth.

You Don’t Give Your Body Time to Respond

You’re eating quicker, right? Well, that means your body doesn’t have time to respond so you eat more—and gain weight!

It takes 20 minutes for your body to tell your brain that it’s full. During those 20 minutes, your brain tells you to eat more because you still need it. Your brain is telling you to get the second helpful or have that dessert.

The truth is you really don’t need them!

If you give your body the 20 minutes it needs, you will find that you eat less and could lose more weight.

Talking between bites and being more sociable with your meals will help limit the amount that this happens.

You Get Bored and Turned to Food

Unless you’re watching the most entertaining programme, there are high chances that you get bored during the TV programme. You could end up eating more simply because you are eating out of boredom.

This is one of the biggest reasons for snacking: there is just nothing else to do.

The TV doesn’t stimulate the mind like activity does. The best thing you can do is get outside or put on a fitness DVD, if you prefer to do it in the home. You will soon find that you lose more weight!

It’s Not Just the TV that Causes You to Gain Weight

The truth is any distraction like this will make you eat more.

You could watch a film on the laptop or play a game on the consoles. You could even read a book or do some studying.

When there are distractions around, you forget just how much you’re eating. Think about the last time you were reading or doing some work. Your brain told you that you were hungry and you kept reaching for the snacks. By the time you realised it, everything was gone…did you even taste the food?

Stop letting the TV make you gain weight. Take control and get back on track.

Does the TV cause you to gain weight? Share your stories and tips for battling this problem in the comments below!

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Weekly Weight Loss Week 47

This week I lost 1 pound and I'm really happy with that. I'm now 10 pounds away from goal. I have to be honest that I was surprised after the week I had. lt was full of takeaways and long hours at work.

What did I do?

This week was a lot of tracking. While that's really important to know I'm in my limits there is always the fear I will but weight on.

What will I do this week?

It's all about tracking again. I've been a bit slack when it comes to exercise so I'm going to do more of that too. This week is going to be the bad one out of 4 so I need to limit the damage as much as possible.

How is your weight loss going? Hopefully, you are having as much success as me.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Week 46

I didn't lose anything this week...

But I didn't gain anything either and I'm happy with that!

It was my wedding anniversary so there were a few not so normal food choices involved so staying the same is a good thing. I expect a loss next week though.

You can read all about it right here:

Tackle the Supermarkets Without Going Off Track

Stay on track in the supermarket and lose weight!

It’s time for the food shop! That’s a scary time for many people trying to lose weight and those who have lost weight!

How do you tackle this part of the week?

There are just so many offers and they’re always on the things that you know you shouldn’t have. It’s really easy to just give into the cravings for the cakes and biscuits, even though you know they’re going to do your diet harm.

The good news is you can tackle the supermarkets without going off track. Here are the perfect tips to do that.

Make a List Before You Go

Create a list of all the things you need. You can make it as detailed or as loose as you want. We make it detailed until it comes to the fruit and veg—we choose that when we’re at the store.

By making a list, you know everything that you will eat for the week. You can go down just the aisles on the list and stay away from the food that you don’t need. It makes it much easier and you’re more likely to save money!

Don’t Go Down the Bad Aisles

Remember that a list means you know you only need to go down certain aisles. There’s no need to wander up and down looking for something that takes your fancy.

Stay away from the bad aisles. The ones where you know you go of track. Stay away from the chocolate, the crisps or anything else that causes you to go off track on your diet plan; unless you really need something from those aisles.

If you need to go down them and know they’re your weakness, get your partner to go down the aisle for you!

Leave the Kids at Home

Doing the shopping with the kids means one thing—you end up getting asked for sweets! They get bored going up and down the aisles, especially when they know they can’t have all their favourites.

Leave them at home or with a babysitter if you can. It stops the temptation for you to say yes whenever they ask for a chocolate bar or packet of crisps.

Shop Online

I think the best way to go to the supermarket and stay on track is by doing it the virtual way. There’s no need to go out to the supermarket anymore. You can do it all online.

The best thing about this is you can ignore the offers. There’s no danger of going down the tempting aisles.

You simply search for the items you need and click the ones. Yes, it could mean you miss out on a couple of savings but think about the savings it does to your waistline!

See, it really is that simple to do the grocery shop and stay on track of your diet at the same time.

Do you have any tips for doing that food shop while staying on track? Share your tips in the comments below. Good luck!

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Friday, 6 September 2013

Make Your Workplace Weight Loss Friendly

Losing weight when you’re at home maybe easy but what about when you’re at work? If you work with others, people often bring in cakes and sweeties to share. You may have snacks in your desk or the sandwich van can come every day.

The good news is that you can lose weight at work. You can make your workplace weight loss friendly and that doesn’t mean stopping others from bringing their treats in.

Here are some practical tips to beat the temptations.

Take in Diet Friendly Treats

We all like to have that snack mid-morning. Don’t stop yourself just make sure you have treats that are diet friendly. When I worked in an office, I would take oranges and nuts in for my treats. Just a handful of nuts would be enough to beat the hunger until lunch.

There are all sorts of options that you can have. Have a selection of your favourites and don’t give into the cakes going around the office.

Track Those Cakes

Okay so sometimes you really want to try the delicious food that others bring in. It would be rude not to, right?

Make sure you track everything that you eat. If you’re worried about gaining weight, question yourself whether it is really worth it. You can talk to the person who brought the cakes in to find out where they’re from and what’s in them if they’ve been made by them.

If you constantly say no to yourself, you’ll just want the stuff even more. However, try not to give in right away. Do another bit of work or grab a drink first. You may find that you just psychologically wanted the treat but didn’t really need it.

Have the Healthy Treats Easy to Reach

Don’t put your healthy treats in the kitchen with your lunch (unless they need to go in the fridge!). Put them in your desk where they’re easy to reach.

If there is a no food at the desk policy, this could be a really easy way to combat the munchies. Do you really want to go to the kitchen to have a snack? That’s walking to the other side of the room, right?

If you really want to, consider tying it in with making coffee for the whole office. You seem super helpful and get to do more activity to make the snack worthwhile.

Take Your Own Lunch

The sandwiches are not only bad for your hips but also for your wallet. Don’t let yourself go out and buy things.

Take your own lunch with you. One that is healthy and full of your favourite foods. You will save money, the pounds on the scales and enjoy it much more. You’ll also look forward to it throughout the day.

There are a lot of options for lunches and not all need fridges—if your work doesn’t have one.

Go for a Walk

One your breaks or your lunch, have a walk outside. Take a trip around the local area and sit down outside somewhere to eat. This will help you gain more energy throughout the day and you will generally feel better for it.

This is also a great way to get some extra activity in while you’re working.

If you take a break when you want something to snack on, you will also find that you eat less—since you won’t go to the kitchen! You take your mind off the treat and forget all about it.

How do you combat the weight loss problem at work? Do you have any other tips? Share them in the comments below!