Thursday, 28 May 2015

100 Day Challenge Days 47 and 48: Filling and Healthy Is Going Well

I’m really enjoying the filling and healthy approach on Weight Watchers. It’s been something I’ve been talking to some of my members about, and I know how much they enjoy it to.

The benefit is guilt-free eating. As long as it’s labelled filling and healthy from a Weight Watchers view, there’s no pointing or tracking. I am still cautious about the amount I eat, because I don’t always have that “full and satisfied” filter, but I don’t worry as much. I actually find that I’m not as worried about eating under my pro points allowance.

I like to eat a lot of fruit, and the last few days that’s what I’ve mainly been focusing on. In fact yesterday I ate almost a whole melon. I really wanted it and it is filling and healthy. You know what? I really enjoyed it! I’ve barely gone into the small amount of weekly pro points I have left because there’s been no need.

I will be doing a pointing day today because I was eating out for lunch and tomorrow I’ll have to do a pointing day because of the evening meal, but I’m going to focus on filling and healthy choices when I can.

Blogging wise I keep dropping behind. It’s not because I’m not doing the 100 Day Challenge. It’s simply because I have a lot on and sometimes I barely get the time to blog. I’ll keep updating, though and I am continuing with the challenge.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

100 Day Challenge Days 45 and 46: Lagging Behind in Blogging but Not in Tracking

I lagged behind the last couple of days in my blogging on the 100 Day Challenge. It’s a good job that the challenge wasn’t to blog continuously, but track continuously. I did stick with the latter.

The last two days on the 100 Day Challenge have been all filling and healthy. I’ve enjoyed being able to eat more without the guilt and stick to healthy foods. I’ve actually found that I’ve not been as hungry, and maybe it’s because I’m not so worried about going over a pro points allowance. 

I am already well into my weekly pro points allowance. We ate out both Sunday and Monday, so the points came off my allowance. Luckily, a lot of what I ate on Monday was filling and healthy because it was chicken and salad, but there were a few desserts that we enjoyed. With it being a bank holiday, we wanted to get out and do stuff.

It’s all back onto a normal day of eating now, and that’s the way I plan on doing it for the rest of the week. Well, until Friday. I have a meal out with some friends from Sunday school, while we assess how the year has gone and talk about plans for the prize giving at the end of the school year. It’s only four more weeks until the prize giving ceremony for all the children! I should have saved some weeklies for that, but I know how to make good choices. I also know where we’re going, so I can plan ahead for that.

How are your days going on the 100 Day Challenge? Have you given it a go yet?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

100 Day Challenge Day 44: Somehow the Scales Were Good

I’m not sure how I managed it but I lost a pound this week. Yes, really! I was as surprised as most of you will be reading this.

It wasn’t an easy week on the 100 Day Challenge. Within two days of the week starting, I’d completely blown all my allowance. I then felt really hungry and had to stick to the filling and healthy foods. Maybe yesterday’s trial of a filling and healthy day helped. I certainly felt fuller throughout the day, and it felt good not to have to feel bad about snacking.

Luckily, the filling and healthy food list is all food that I really love. It’s things like fish, chicken and vegetables. I’m allowed my seafood sticks and brown pasta and rice. Eggs are also allowed, which was great when I really craved a egg butty yesterday for breakfast.

The only downside is that Weetabix isn’t on the filling and healthy list. That’s my favorite cereal. Also, my yogurts aren’t, but I can deal with that when they’re only 2 pro points. It’s worth spending my weekly allowance on them.

My plan for this week is another week on filling and healthy in the most part. My mum is coming to visit today, so that’s going to make it a little harder but my husband has already pulled out the pork to have a roast dinner tonight rather than tomorrow. My husband is also away on Sunday and my mum goes back home then, so I’ll have a bit more control as I usually do during the week.

How is your 100 Day Challenge going? I hope you’ve had a good week at the scales.

Friday, 22 May 2015

100 Day Challenge Day 43: Eating Everything In Sight

I really don’t know what is wrong with me at the moment. I’m trying to stick to the 100 Day Challenge, but it’s not easy when I’m so hungry. And this isn’t just wanting to snack on something. I want real meals, like tuna pasta and egg sandwiches. The good thing is the food that I really want to eat is all filling and healthy, which will be good when I start the filling and healthy days next week.
I’m actually trialling the filling and healthy days from today since I’ve only got one day left until I get a new set of weeklies. I can manage it, I know I can.

Yesterday, though, I completely blew all my pro points. I tracked everything and saw the horrible minus figures on my app. It’s something I really hate, and usually when I stop tracking but I needed to see the damage. Of course, it didn’t stop me from eating. I just tried to make good choices, which weren’t that hard because it was the “good” stuff I was craving.

I’m not holding out much hope for Saturday morning. I’m going to weigh and just draw a line under it. The important thing is knowing the damage, then I can reverse it next week.

My mum is coming to visit on Saturday, so that should help keep the weekend eating down to a minimum. My husband is also working on Sunday, which will mean fewer temptations to get out of the house and eat treats and snacks.

I hope your 100 Day Challenge is going better than mine. At this rate, I’ll be nowhere near my goal weight in time for the end of the challenge.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

100 Day Challenge Days 41 and 42: Considering the Filling and Healthy Approach

I’m joining the blog post for days 41 and 42 on the 100 Day Challenge together. I didn’t post yesterday because once again, I was super busy and barely got a minute to myself. Actually, the minute I did get, I ended up napping for much longer than I really wanted to (but my body needed it).

I have stuck to my daily pro points allowance but it’s been difficult. Actually, Tuesday I was a little under because I was trying so hard to save my pro points for the evening and then we didn’t end up eating that much. Yesterday was the exact opposite. It seems that if I know I don’t have anything to fall back on, I struggle the most.

So, I’m going to give the filling and healthy approach a try. That means I don’t have my daily pro points allowance and focus on the foods that are highlighted green in my books. The majority of food that I eat is filling and healthy anyway. Anything that isn’t green is taken from my weekly or activity pro points allowance.

There are a few benefits to filling and healthy. One of the main ones is that since I seem to be hungrier at the moment, I don’t have to worry too much about it. I just have to make good choices and I can do that quite easily in the house. The hardest part will be eating out but we don’t do that as much. I can also switch my days, so some days I can do pro points if I find that I’m not going to be able to stick to filling and healthy foods.

Making changes and listening to the body is important. That’s what I’m doing now to see if it helps me lose more weight and not feel as hungry and sluggish as I do at the moment.